Artist Conversation #1 

    The artist I met today was Megan Macuen, she came down from San Francisco. While she was in San Francisco she was studying with a teacher. After coming down from San Francisco she moved to LA for about four years, while attending UCLA. She had been trying to go to a graduate school for a while, one that offered 2 or more years, and that is when she found CSULB. She is in a 3 year program and is on her second semester. She’s in graduate school for fine art specifically fiber.

    She likes architecture and was a weaver she used to yam. She has been weaving for the past 10 years. During and before that time she did a lot of clothing which she sees as sculptural. Megan started working with fiber since she was a teenager. Has always stayed within the art sections and just loves it so much. Although, most of her family are musicians she is one of the few that is more of an art person. 

   Megan has no particular inspiration just lets the art flow.She doesn’t work from ideas she rips from the emptiest mind that she can. Does whatever she feels like doing and just branches off from that. She’s still overcoming the words in labeling her art pieces. It was quite funny because when asking her what the names of her pieces were she had to take a moment and just came up with them on the spot. Such as “Teader ball mop one”, “Skeleton pirate jungle gym” or “Satellite dish”. 

   Personally, I have never really been into art because I’ve always thought of art of just drawing. When it’s really so much more than that. I’ve never really seen myself as creative, but after talking to Megan my whole perspective changed. Her art was extremely interesting and caught my eye. She has this upside down table where underneath there are heads of different animals. She says she used those from little kids who created them. She uses other people’s art work to put on hers as well. She does have many other interest. Loves reading books, listening to old records, and watching old films. She loves yoga and rides her bike to school. I very much enjoyed meeting Megan and looking at her art.


Classmate Conversation #3 

In class I was able to meet Tayler Martin. She was extremely nice and so easy to talk to. She was one of those girls who were easy to click with. Which was very cool. She graduated from Milikan High School and is from Long Beach. She is a first year and is majoring in pre nursing. Which was very exciting since I am also going in the direction of medicine. She is the youngest out of two siblings one being 22 and the other 37. Which was pretty interesting me being the oldest from my siblings. She enjoys going on hikes with her huskie and hanging out with friends and family. Her favorite color is blue, favorite number is 8, and loves soccer. Her favorite food is Korean BBQ! just like me!! She likes tattoos and piercings which I can pretty much guess due to her nose and ear piercings. It was a pleasure to meet Tayler!

Activity: Landscapes with a corpse 

As I was driving one late night with the music blasting, for a quick Starbucks run I was speeding because it was almost midnight and Starbucks was closing I hit a huge truck and flew out of my window. Creating this scene was a bit weird because it actually made me think that it can really happen to anyone or even me. I had my mom take these pictures and she was a bit emotional which I thought was a little funny, the thought of her even thinking I was fake dead freacked her out. My experience with this activity was a bit eye opening. I do not put much thought into death especially not mine, but taking the time to do this and think of a death that would be realistic in my situation scared me a bit. I am definitely going to stop speeding after this! HAHA 

Classmate Conversation #2 

This week I was able to meet Mharjorie Garah. She is 28 years old which was actually pretty shocking because she does not look that age at all! She is a transfer from LBCC and an engineer major. She graduated from Cabrio High School in 2006, 10 years before me which was pretty shocking! She wants to be a Chemical engineer because she loves math, which was very interesting due to most people hating math. She has 1 older brother and works at an office job. She also lives with roommates. She was extremely kind and very easy to talk to. 

Classmate Conversation#1

This is David Valle. I met him in class on Wednesday. It was actually pretty funny because he graduated from my rival high school, Warren High. He was born in Mexico and came to California in 2008.He is a business major and says he Is somewhat creative. He likes to play soccer, but can no longer play because he messed up his ankle. He also likes volleyball and loves in n out. 

Art Activity-Plaster Casting 

My experience was definitely adventurous  for this first activity. It was about 4pm and the sun was still very bright I decided to go eat roscoes before going to the beach to do the project. By the time I came out of roscoes it was completely dark outside. I went to the beach with my mom and it was freezing. We decided to wait in the car for the 30 min. Although you can barley see the project because the flash is so bright my hand actually formed. It was an interesting first activity.  Next time I will definitely do it in the day time!