Wk 13-Classmate Conversation-Aenah

This week I had the pleasure to chat with Aenah, she was so much fun to talk to! Automatically clicked with her. Aenah is 21 years old.  She is on her third year and is majoring is computer science. She graduated from Kennedy High School and played basketball there! Which was pretty cool bc I played basketball in high school as well. During her free time she likes to play basketball, go hiking, play the saxophone and piano. During winter break she went to Europe, which was awesome bc I went in the summer and we were able to chat about our favorite places. Her favorite place was Venice and all the museums. She has a sister who graduated from Cal Poly Pomona. And her mom who is a dentist, her mom wanted her to also be one, but Aenah decided on being a proffesor! So much fun talking to her. 


Wk 12-Experience- Deep Ethnography

So, I actually forgot to take a picture of my bed I didn’t think we needed a picture until after I fully read that we did. Sorry!! And yes i have a bunk bed I always just wanted one so I can sleep on top and well I got one!!  I did this Friday night and ahhhh was a pretty cool experience. I did masks on my face, ate a lot of junk food and just had so many thoughts going through my mind. Not sure how our ancestors did this everyday!!!! Being so involved with technology the way we are now I feel like I would not survive without it. Or even without light. There were moments where I did not like being in the dark and wanted to turn my light on. It’s crazy to think of how it must have been for them.  I will answer the 8 questions below.

1. I knew that the experience was not going to be easy for me. Especially doing it at night and alone and with no phone. I thought I was going to give up and go crazy hahah

2. I would say in the beginning it was very difficult for me. But as time went by it got a bit easier. 

3. I would say a bit frustrating because I had no idea what to do in my room without my phone or laptop or Netflix. But it definitely felt liberating after a while. 

4. I definitely got better sleep, perhaps because I wasn’t on my phone all night. I usually am sleep deprived. It would be amazing to sleep like that every night.

5. Living without electricity felt like a detox. Staying away from social media and just focusing on myself. Just felt so good and relaxing after a few minutes. 

6. Being without electricity was pretty cool, but I think after a few days it would definetly be boring. I guess because we are so used to it.

7. I have no idea how people survived without constant stimulation lol. Definitely must have kept busy. 

8. My ideal level of life activity and connecticity would be taking some time just for yourself. 

Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Alice Andreini

For this weeks artist Conversation I had the pleasure to interview Alice Andreini. Her work was a bit different than most that I’ve seen. She is in a three year program here at Cal State long Beach and is currently in her last year. She had been interested in art for about six years. Alice always knew she wanted to be a painter, but never persuaded it seriously until now. 

Her art work takes much of her time away so she says she doesn’t get much leisure time. Although she does like to go on hikes and visit galleries to view art. She says that every painting varies with the amount of time she takes on them. She has some paintings that took her three weeks long and others three months. 

We asked her what her worked was based on and she said they were all pretty much from the same place starting a suspicion of her own perceptions. Basically thinking about the way that we are so unaware of these contracts in the way that we see art. She decided to start with landscape because people don’t think of it since they seem to think it’s all very natural. There’s a structure underneath and on top that we are unaware of. How we look at our cell phones or accessibility is also what she thinks about. 

Although, she says that she is not inspired by nature even though that’s what others think. She’s more inspired by the QUESTIONS of how she’s looking at nature. The why.  What does inspire her is thinking of how we construct and visualize or create spacial illusions. She was extremely open to any questions we had. Enjoyed this gallery ūüôā 

Wk 11-Artist Conversation-Yugiagu

This gallery was absolutely very emotional! It was very different from the last galleries that I have seen. It hit me in a way that it’s kinda hard to explain. Gun control is a pretty big deal and we tend to forget a lot of it, well I do. I’m aware of it, but it’s not on my mind as much as it should be. It made me realize how important is it to always keep it I mind. 

This artist was Yugiago. At first It was kinda weird because she was answering our questions, but just stopped out of nowhere and was talking on the phone. It was a bit rude if you would to ask me lol, but I give her credit for her art work. This is her last year and will be graduating. Her major is graphic design she says it’s not the same as art and everyone confuses it. She got kind of defensive when I assumed her major was art or something along those lines. She was born and raised in China. Three months before coming to Long Beach she was living in New York. 

She said she had got a lot of offers, but she picked CSULB because of the weather. She loves it here. She dorms off campus and enjoys long walks because of how great the weather is. Coming from China she didn’t seem like she missed home too much and seemed like she’s adapted well here in California. She’s met her close friends due to art. 

Her inspiration is her mother. Her mom was worried about her coming to America because of “American People”. She wanted to show her that she can do it and will succeed. After she graduates she hopes to do culture background related projects and impact different cultures and different people. 

Wk11-Classmate Conversation-Michael and Andrew 

It was a pleasure to meet both Michael and Andrew. I had not talked to any of them so it was pretty cool. I’m going to be talking about Michael first then Andrew. 

Michael graduated from Los Alamitos High School. He is on his 4th year here at CSULB and is majoring in psych. He is currently working at an animal hospital and strives to be a Vet someday. Michael is going to be applying to Cal Poly Pomona, Davis, and some schools in the carribean. He has two sisters, enjoys hanging out with friends, and loves sports. His favorite sport from all is basketball he enjoys watching and playing it. I thought was pretty cool because so do I! Michael was a nice guy, pleasure to meet him.

Andrew, actually came from Fresno so that was pretty interesting. He decided to come here because of the weather and liked the environment, but he also came here because the psych program here was best for the price. He is 21 years old and also on his last year here at CSULB. Just as Michael, he is also a psych major. Andrew has two younger sisters and plays the saxophone. He said he has always liked art, but because of this class he grew a bigger appreciation for it. He loves art visually rather than listening to music. Andrew was very outgoing and energetic. Awesome time talking to him. 

Wk 10-Art Experience-Architecture:The Wedge 

As I was walking toward the wedge. I decided to take pictures of this group of people. I thought it was so funny how even with all the space there is they all decided to go through the wedge even thought it would take a lot more time to wait then to go around where it is empty. It was very interesting to witness. That people take the time to even wait for others to go first through a little space when there is another route. 

The way I would have designed this is below. I’m sorry I’m not the best at drawing lol. But I would have designed it sideways as if the right side of the wedge is moved, that way there would be a lot more space for more people to fit then everyone crowding together. And it won’t have to be destroyed and others won’t HE to wait longer for everyone to pass by. I made this choice by just trying to find a way more 5-7 people can fit rather than 1 person at a time. A year from now I feel that people will think this was a much better choice.

Wk 10-Artist Conversation-Amy 

The artist who created this is Amy. The pictures below are obviously not the whole gallery. I didn’t want to post them all because it would be too many. I went into all the galleries and this one captured my attention quite quickly. I am completely obsessed with Disneyland or anything disney and it is what came to mind when I saw these. So I knew this is the artist I wanted to learn about. 

Amy is a senior here at CSULB. Her major is Ceramics. She is twenty seven years old and had attended cypress college before coming to Long Beach State. She decided to come here because it had one of the best ceramics programs to offer. Amy had always been very artistic and knew she wanted to do something that dealt with art. 

She usually has the help of her brother, Sean, he actually helped her a bit with this work. She is inspired by womenhood,  coming of age, and the process of growing up. Life is what inspired her with her work. What she goes through as not only a person, but a female. Amy always changes her mind of what she wants to do in the future, but right now she is thinking of making props for movies. 

Her favorite hobbies are going to Disneyland just like me! And also gets some of her inspiration from there. I loved the way she explained how there was girl who felt like she was going to be alone for the rest of her life, but at the end she was not. I feel like that is what many girls go through. Especially during teenage years and it was pretty cool to just see this work of hers that related to real life. I very much enjoyed it!!