Wk 15-Classmate Conversation-Luis 

This is Luis, I actually haven’t seen him around class not sure if he was just in class with another friend, but I was able to talk to him. He is currently a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach. He is going into business and hopes to graduate w a major in it. He said he came to CSULB because it was one of the best Cal States and very affordable. Although, his dream school was UCLA. 

Luis is the eldest, he has a younger sister and younger brother. He says it’s sort of stressful to have to set a good example, but they are the reason he pushes through. He came from Valley Christian High School. So coming from a small private school was a huge transition for him. It was pretty cool because we are both Christian. 

Luis says he loves going to amusement parks with friends and to comic book stores. He loves to read (which i don’t) HAHA. Luis is excited to start a new year here at CSULB because he feels that finally got the hang of it after his first year. Overall he was a pretty cool guy! 


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