Wk 15-EC Post- Class Evaluation 

Overall, I really enjoyed this class. I came with the menatality of negativity just because I have never been a fan of art. Well I’ve never really been good at art. I thought this class was going to be just drawing pictures, but it so not. In the beginning I only saw art as drawing and painting but Art 110 helped me understand that it is SOO much more than that. Art can be found anywhere. 

I think slack was a great choice. I’ve never had slack for any of my other classes, but it was a great way to learn how to communicate with eachother and how it works. The grades in our class were always posted so fast and i was able to keep up with my points. For future reference I would maybe suggest to only have one way of communication. Sometimes I would get lost on where I can ask you questions if either email slack or beachboard. I would recommend beachboard just because it’s so much easier to use and all the other classes are on there. 

3 favorite activities 

1. Graffiti Writing 

2. Sketching in the garden 

3. Landscape with a corpse 

3 Least favorite activities 

1. Plaster Casting: Too messy and hard to know if it will come out good 

2. Architecture-The Wedge I was not too interested with this activity 

3. Ethnography – WAY TOO HARD FOR ME hahah 


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