Wk 15-Art Experience-Design Thinking

My first and primary 5 year plan would be to continue my major in biology. I would hope to have graduated Cal State Long Beach with a bachelors in Biology. Also applied to medical schools such as UCI, UCLA, USC, and a couple out of state. I would most likely stay in California just because I have never been much of an independent  person and always need the support of family and friends. After getting accepted into one of these medical schools I would hope to have start practicing in a hospital most likely in the pediatrics area. I have always loved kids and just wanted to be able to help in any way possible and being a pediatric sounds so perfect. I will then continue my education and hope to become a pediatrician.

If I ever get to a  part in my life where I am financially in a great spot I would love to travel the world. Last summer I was able to visit two parts of Europe, France and Spain. They were both so beautiful and I would love to travel all around Europe. I want to be able to experience different cultures and just try all their amazing foods! I can maybe even volunteer In hospitals while traveling the world and just meet different people. Most likely would stay with families or get Airbnbs just to save more money. Most money would be going into food or all the activities that will be available. Just enjoy and live life!


Finally if becoming a pediatrician falls through my second option will be to become a nurse. I would like to stay in the medical field and continue to pursue in it. Although, the pay won’t be as much as a doctor it will still be a stable job. I would not have to go to such a competitive university to become a nurse. I would have more options. Going into the medical field is never a bad choice because we will ALWAYS need doctors, nurses, etc. I would still be able to help kids as well.


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