Wk 12-Experience- Deep Ethnography

So, I actually forgot to take a picture of my bed I didn’t think we needed a picture until after I fully read that we did. Sorry!! And yes i have a bunk bed I always just wanted one so I can sleep on top and well I got one!!  I did this Friday night and ahhhh was a pretty cool experience. I did masks on my face, ate a lot of junk food and just had so many thoughts going through my mind. Not sure how our ancestors did this everyday!!!! Being so involved with technology the way we are now I feel like I would not survive without it. Or even without light. There were moments where I did not like being in the dark and wanted to turn my light on. It’s crazy to think of how it must have been for them.  I will answer the 8 questions below.

1. I knew that the experience was not going to be easy for me. Especially doing it at night and alone and with no phone. I thought I was going to give up and go crazy hahah

2. I would say in the beginning it was very difficult for me. But as time went by it got a bit easier. 

3. I would say a bit frustrating because I had no idea what to do in my room without my phone or laptop or Netflix. But it definitely felt liberating after a while. 

4. I definitely got better sleep, perhaps because I wasn’t on my phone all night. I usually am sleep deprived. It would be amazing to sleep like that every night.

5. Living without electricity felt like a detox. Staying away from social media and just focusing on myself. Just felt so good and relaxing after a few minutes. 

6. Being without electricity was pretty cool, but I think after a few days it would definetly be boring. I guess because we are so used to it.

7. I have no idea how people survived without constant stimulation lol. Definitely must have kept busy. 

8. My ideal level of life activity and connecticity would be taking some time just for yourself. 


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