Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Alice Andreini

For this weeks artist Conversation I had the pleasure to interview Alice Andreini. Her work was a bit different than most that I’ve seen. She is in a three year program here at Cal State long Beach and is currently in her last year. She had been interested in art for about six years. Alice always knew she wanted to be a painter, but never persuaded it seriously until now. 

Her art work takes much of her time away so she says she doesn’t get much leisure time. Although she does like to go on hikes and visit galleries to view art. She says that every painting varies with the amount of time she takes on them. She has some paintings that took her three weeks long and others three months. 

We asked her what her worked was based on and she said they were all pretty much from the same place starting a suspicion of her own perceptions. Basically thinking about the way that we are so unaware of these contracts in the way that we see art. She decided to start with landscape because people don’t think of it since they seem to think it’s all very natural. There’s a structure underneath and on top that we are unaware of. How we look at our cell phones or accessibility is also what she thinks about. 

Although, she says that she is not inspired by nature even though that’s what others think. She’s more inspired by the QUESTIONS of how she’s looking at nature. The why.  What does inspire her is thinking of how we construct and visualize or create spacial illusions. She was extremely open to any questions we had. Enjoyed this gallery 🙂 


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