Wk 11-Artist Conversation-Yugiagu

This gallery was absolutely very emotional! It was very different from the last galleries that I have seen. It hit me in a way that it’s kinda hard to explain. Gun control is a pretty big deal and we tend to forget a lot of it, well I do. I’m aware of it, but it’s not on my mind as much as it should be. It made me realize how important is it to always keep it I mind. 

This artist was Yugiago. At first It was kinda weird because she was answering our questions, but just stopped out of nowhere and was talking on the phone. It was a bit rude if you would to ask me lol, but I give her credit for her art work. This is her last year and will be graduating. Her major is graphic design she says it’s not the same as art and everyone confuses it. She got kind of defensive when I assumed her major was art or something along those lines. She was born and raised in China. Three months before coming to Long Beach she was living in New York. 

She said she had got a lot of offers, but she picked CSULB because of the weather. She loves it here. She dorms off campus and enjoys long walks because of how great the weather is. Coming from China she didn’t seem like she missed home too much and seemed like she’s adapted well here in California. She’s met her close friends due to art. 

Her inspiration is her mother. Her mom was worried about her coming to America because of “American People”. She wanted to show her that she can do it and will succeed. After she graduates she hopes to do culture background related projects and impact different cultures and different people. 


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