Wk11-Classmate Conversation-Michael and Andrew 

It was a pleasure to meet both Michael and Andrew. I had not talked to any of them so it was pretty cool. I’m going to be talking about Michael first then Andrew. 

Michael graduated from Los Alamitos High School. He is on his 4th year here at CSULB and is majoring in psych. He is currently working at an animal hospital and strives to be a Vet someday. Michael is going to be applying to Cal Poly Pomona, Davis, and some schools in the carribean. He has two sisters, enjoys hanging out with friends, and loves sports. His favorite sport from all is basketball he enjoys watching and playing it. I thought was pretty cool because so do I! Michael was a nice guy, pleasure to meet him.

Andrew, actually came from Fresno so that was pretty interesting. He decided to come here because of the weather and liked the environment, but he also came here because the psych program here was best for the price. He is 21 years old and also on his last year here at CSULB. Just as Michael, he is also a psych major. Andrew has two younger sisters and plays the saxophone. He said he has always liked art, but because of this class he grew a bigger appreciation for it. He loves art visually rather than listening to music. Andrew was very outgoing and energetic. Awesome time talking to him. 


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