Wk 10-Art Experience-Architecture:The Wedge 

As I was walking toward the wedge. I decided to take pictures of this group of people. I thought it was so funny how even with all the space there is they all decided to go through the wedge even thought it would take a lot more time to wait then to go around where it is empty. It was very interesting to witness. That people take the time to even wait for others to go first through a little space when there is another route. 

The way I would have designed this is below. I’m sorry I’m not the best at drawing lol. But I would have designed it sideways as if the right side of the wedge is moved, that way there would be a lot more space for more people to fit then everyone crowding together. And it won’t have to be destroyed and others won’t HE to wait longer for everyone to pass by. I made this choice by just trying to find a way more 5-7 people can fit rather than 1 person at a time. A year from now I feel that people will think this was a much better choice.


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