Wk 9-Artist Conversation-David 

David’s major is BFA print making. He is a senior here at CSULB and is now on his fourth year. He was eighteen years old when he began to realize he liked art, but all he would do was draw motorcycles. His hobbies are playing pool, going to music festivals, snowboarding, and hanging out with friends. He gets most of his inspiration from dub step. 

He says it takes anywhere from two to three days or a week to finish his work. David likes to work with lithography because it creates a fine image. That there’s a purity to its creation. He soon wants to start working with metals.

The overall theme of the gallery was that he was trying to really explore and explain on the creativity behind the mark. He says there’s an under appreciation, but that to him it’s more than just splatters. There are specific marks to be made. What the artist and the person viewing the art have complete different opinions. 

Although he has had one to two pieces in a couple of exhibits, this was his first full gallery. He told us this funny story of when he was attending a community college and was in graphic design art. That when he stepped one foot into the gallery he knew that’s not what he wanted and right away dropped the class. He now loves what he does. Overall his work was pretty cool to me. I’m not a fan of art, but it make me really question the meaning behind it and think about it as not just splatters on a paper. It’s pretty fascinating! Can’t wait to meet more artists.


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