Artist Conversation #4

So it is mid December and the winter formal dance is approaching for all high schoolers. There is a nerdy boy who is in love with the most popular girl in school since the 7th grade. He has always wanted to ask her out, but is always too afraid to get rejected. Now being his senior year of high school he only has one last chance to ask her out. This girl has no idea who he is yet he has had atleast one class with her every single year. He thinks she has the most loveliest face he’s ever laid eyes on. Sees her than more than just a “popular girl”. The last day to buy the winter formal tickets has arrived, and he buys two. He hears rumors about the girl and her boyfriend breaking up and thinks it is a perfect time to ask her. He waits until after school, so anxious for the bell to ring. As the bell rings, he walks straight to her locker, but in such shock he sees the girl and her boyfriend making out. Knowing they made up. His last shot was blown. He will always see her as “such a lovely face”. 


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