Artist Conversation #3

The artist for this week was Yeriyeti. She made her exhibits interactive because she says that she believes that art is for everyone. The exhibition was a story not only through art but through life. Everyone has a story of their own which is why the exhibit was in that way. 

She wanted to be an artist since very young age. Yeriyeti enjoys writing stories and playing video games. Only person in her family who is interested in art. Which I thought was very interesting because most of the artist we talked to, family members were who led them to art or were doing something with art. 

Something about the way Yeriyeti captions or writes those notes with her work makes me feel so good. One of the cards said “We all have to me decisions that we are never sure if it is right. When the time comes, take a leap of faith.Gran your sword and take on the world.” To me it was just so inspiring seeing that sword. It made me thing about my own life instea of only seeing the sword as what it is.

Yeriyetis work has been one of my favorites. I’m not big on art or have ever really been interested, but her work made me feel a different way. Inspired by the words she puts to her work. Very cool stuff. 


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