Artist Conversation #2

Meeting Robert and Greg was a way different experience from meeting Megan the week before. They’re personalities we’re so much different. The guys were more enthusiastic and wanted to be asked questions when in contrast Megan was much more quiet and seemed like she was very shy. Robert and Greg major in drawing and painting. They both met about 8 months ago while doing this art show. Their work collided and were similar in a way so THE decided to work together. 
Greg grew up in Los Angeles and still lives there. Most of his inspiration comes from what he sees on the daily in his neighborhoods. He did his paintings on homeless people he interviewed them and painted based on what he found out about them. Each of the paintings is his story of how they acted in the interview. For example in one of his paintings he makes the man in a way moving because he said that while he interviewed him all he would do was move. 
Robert grew up in different parts of Pico Rivera. Roberts paintings are more direct. He was inspired by the people around his, his mentors. His paintings consists of his mother, grandmother, bestfriend, and his mentor. His favorite painting was of his grandmother not because it was his favorite person, but it is because he continued to go back to make finishing touches to it. 
Talking to these two artists was a very fun experience. They mentioned that their paintings didn’t really have a time set of how long they took because even till the day do their showing they were still adding more to them. They said that even if their art may take them different directions, they will always support one another. 


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