Artist Conversation #1 

    The artist I met today was Megan Macuen, she came down from San Francisco. While she was in San Francisco she was studying with a teacher. After coming down from San Francisco she moved to LA for about four years, while attending UCLA. She had been trying to go to a graduate school for a while, one that offered 2 or more years, and that is when she found CSULB. She is in a 3 year program and is on her second semester. She’s in graduate school for fine art specifically fiber.

    She likes architecture and was a weaver she used to yam. She has been weaving for the past 10 years. During and before that time she did a lot of clothing which she sees as sculptural. Megan started working with fiber since she was a teenager. Has always stayed within the art sections and just loves it so much. Although, most of her family are musicians she is one of the few that is more of an art person. 

   Megan has no particular inspiration just lets the art flow.She doesn’t work from ideas she rips from the emptiest mind that she can. Does whatever she feels like doing and just branches off from that. She’s still overcoming the words in labeling her art pieces. It was quite funny because when asking her what the names of her pieces were she had to take a moment and just came up with them on the spot. Such as “Teader ball mop one”, “Skeleton pirate jungle gym” or “Satellite dish”. 

   Personally, I have never really been into art because I’ve always thought of art of just drawing. When it’s really so much more than that. I’ve never really seen myself as creative, but after talking to Megan my whole perspective changed. Her art was extremely interesting and caught my eye. She has this upside down table where underneath there are heads of different animals. She says she used those from little kids who created them. She uses other people’s art work to put on hers as well. She does have many other interest. Loves reading books, listening to old records, and watching old films. She loves yoga and rides her bike to school. I very much enjoyed meeting Megan and looking at her art.


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