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Wk 15-Classmate Conversation-Luis 

This is Luis, I actually haven’t seen him around class not sure if he was just in class with another friend, but I was able to talk to him. He is currently a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach. He is going into business and hopes to graduate w a major in it. He said he came to CSULB because it was one of the best Cal States and very affordable. Although, his dream school was UCLA. 

Luis is the eldest, he has a younger sister and younger brother. He says it’s sort of stressful to have to set a good example, but they are the reason he pushes through. He came from Valley Christian High School. So coming from a small private school was a huge transition for him. It was pretty cool because we are both Christian. 

Luis says he loves going to amusement parks with friends and to comic book stores. He loves to read (which i don’t) HAHA. Luis is excited to start a new year here at CSULB because he feels that finally got the hang of it after his first year. Overall he was a pretty cool guy! 

Wk 15-EC Post- Class Evaluation 

Overall, I really enjoyed this class. I came with the menatality of negativity just because I have never been a fan of art. Well I’ve never really been good at art. I thought this class was going to be just drawing pictures, but it so not. In the beginning I only saw art as drawing and painting but Art 110 helped me understand that it is SOO much more than that. Art can be found anywhere. 

I think slack was a great choice. I’ve never had slack for any of my other classes, but it was a great way to learn how to communicate with eachother and how it works. The grades in our class were always posted so fast and i was able to keep up with my points. For future reference I would maybe suggest to only have one way of communication. Sometimes I would get lost on where I can ask you questions if either email slack or beachboard. I would recommend beachboard just because it’s so much easier to use and all the other classes are on there. 

3 favorite activities 

1. Graffiti Writing 

2. Sketching in the garden 

3. Landscape with a corpse 

3 Least favorite activities 

1. Plaster Casting: Too messy and hard to know if it will come out good 

2. Architecture-The Wedge I was not too interested with this activity 

3. Ethnography – WAY TOO HARD FOR ME hahah 

Wk 15-Art Experience-Design Thinking

My first and primary 5 year plan would be to continue my major in biology. I would hope to have graduated Cal State Long Beach with a bachelors in Biology. Also applied to medical schools such as UCI, UCLA, USC, and a couple out of state. I would most likely stay in California just because I have never been much of an independent  person and always need the support of family and friends. After getting accepted into one of these medical schools I would hope to have start practicing in a hospital most likely in the pediatrics area. I have always loved kids and just wanted to be able to help in any way possible and being a pediatric sounds so perfect. I will then continue my education and hope to become a pediatrician.

If I ever get to a  part in my life where I am financially in a great spot I would love to travel the world. Last summer I was able to visit two parts of Europe, France and Spain. They were both so beautiful and I would love to travel all around Europe. I want to be able to experience different cultures and just try all their amazing foods! I can maybe even volunteer In hospitals while traveling the world and just meet different people. Most likely would stay with families or get Airbnbs just to save more money. Most money would be going into food or all the activities that will be available. Just enjoy and live life!


Finally if becoming a pediatrician falls through my second option will be to become a nurse. I would like to stay in the medical field and continue to pursue in it. Although, the pay won’t be as much as a doctor it will still be a stable job. I would not have to go to such a competitive university to become a nurse. I would have more options. Going into the medical field is never a bad choice because we will ALWAYS need doctors, nurses, etc. I would still be able to help kids as well.

Wk 14-EC-Jane’s Walk

So, I went to the 888 seafood restaurant to look for you, but I did not see you inside. So I waited outside until about 11:20 and still didn’t see you. I also walked around a bit to see if I can find you. I ended up giving up so I left. Although, I did not know much about Jan Jacobs before until now. She had an influential book “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” which argued that the urban renewal didn’t respect the needs of most city dwellers. I read that the book also introduced sociological concepts such as “eyes on the street ” and “social capital”. She was well known in organizing the grassroots, which uses the people in a given district as the basis for a political or economic movements. She thought it was wicked to be a victim. Jane Jacobs came along and they realized so many costs that they never really thought about, such as when it came to buildings. She was one of the first who thought of something like that. Jane believed the cities were not about buildings, but about the people. What was so awesome is that she cared so much about the people. She knew that government wanted everything their way and she did not approve of that. Now there are walks around the world for her. 

Wk 14-Experience-Sketching In The Garden

Here are a few of my sketches. I was actually very nervous about this project because I think I completely suck when it comes to painting, drawing, and sketching. But being at the garden felt so much different, even though my drawings did not come out the best. I felt so peaceful and I just wanted to continue to sketch. It is so different to be in nature while drawing them just being at home sitting on a desk. The garden was absolutely beautiful. The weather was so fresh and felt so nice. All the pretty tress and plants and the Koi fish. I sat in a spot where I can see most of the garden and the surroundings. It was nice to see people that just came to sit there and relax. And others who met their friends there to have conversations, people who came for photo shoots. It was a great experience. 

Wk 14-Classmate Conversation-Maria and Salmah 

This week I had the pleasure to meet two classmates! Salmah is in the middle and Maria far left. 

Maria is currently a first year and a COMM major, specifically polyscience . She said in the future she would most likely be working at an office. She was not in any high school teams but loves softball. Really funny because she graduated from Warren High School, which is my rivalry. She has one younger sister, her favorite movie is La La Land, and she loves dogs and churros. She was very nice!

Salmah is also a first year, current undeclared, but she is thinking of going back to psych. Graduated from gahr high school. Doesn’t do sports and doesn’t like animals. Salmah is only child and love the show Flash. She came here because it was local. Her favorite meal is sushi and favorite color is blue. She also does not work! Really nice girl 

Wk 13- Artist Conversation-Krystal Ramirez 

Artist: Krystal Ramirez 

Exhibition: La Cena Esta Servida 

Media: Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Website: http://www.kgrmetalcraft.com

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kgrmetalcraft/

Unfortunately I ran out of staorage so I tried to get the whole work in one pic, sorry about that! But this week I really liked Krystal Ramirez’ work. She was born and raised in Huntington Beach. She is currently a senior here at CSULB and will graduate with a major in fine arts, specifically in metal and jewelry. She says that painting is so freeing and she has loved it since she can remember. Krystal took a jewelry class in Orange County School of Arts in Santa Ana for visual arts. That is where she found the love of it. In the future she hopes to go to grad school and start selling her jewelry and artwork. 

Krystal’s art consists of various metals. Which include pewter, copper, brass, and sterling silver. She took 3 years to finish this exhibit. Her art is centered around dinner table items. The simplicity of her art work is what made it beautiful. 

Her artwork had the message of what happens at the dinner table within intimate relationships. Inspired by nature and the organic forms of the creation of simplicity. Krystal said that each peace reflects someone that means a lot to her. She stressed the idea of having a sit down meal and how much it meant to her. The dinners mean having quality family time which is what makes her very happy. She said that the dinner table is where big decisions were made and the truth came out.

This exhibit was just beautiful. The message behind it was amazing. I love having family quality time at the dinner table and I agree with her that it is where big decisions are made and the thruth is out. Talking to my family at the dinner table of how their day was or what is on their mind is so important to me. It is where laughs and tears are shared. I loved how her art was made out of simple everyday items. It just shows me how art can be anything and everywhere. So awesome!